This Is Our Tribe: InkPlot Hires Kyle Nylund & Kim Logan

InkPlot hires rad new staff - Kyle Nylund & Kim Logan

InkPlot Hires Rad New Staff:

We’re building a power-team at InkPlot and we think Kyle Nylund and Kim Logan are our kind of people. We’re really, REALLY, happy to be working with the two of them. Kim & Kyle have joined us as social media community managers and will help our clients craft comprehensive communication strategies.

Meet Kyle.


Kyle joins InkPlot with an impressive background in visual marketing. He is a budding fashion designer, an accomplished artist, charismatic, witty, kind and most importantly, an individual who is never afraid to help the people around him. He’s wonderful and we’re proud to work with him.

Meet Kim.


Kim joins us all the way from Melbourne, Australia! Kim packed her Bachelor in Marketing with her when she landed in Calgary. She’s bright, energetic, friendly and genuine. Kim is dedicated to creating exceptional content and excited to take on new challenges. We adore her and are happy to work with such a talented, young individual.

Reach out!

You can connect with Kyle on the Twitter @KyleNylund or with Kim @missklslice. Feel free to say hi, they don’t bite (hard)!

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